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    splash screen is not shown on android

    whitecolor Level 1

      With my config can not force splash screen to appear for andoroid, maybe someone will advice what can be wrong with ti?



      In my config.xml I have folling config for splash screen on android:



              <platform name="android">

              <splash gap:qualifier="port-ldpi" height="320" src="res/splash/android/port-ldpi.9.png" width="200" />

                  <splash gap:qualifier="land-ldpi" height="200" src="res/splash/android/land-ldpi.9.png" width="320" />

                  <splash gap:qualifier="port-mdpi" height="480" src="res/splash/android/port-mdpi.9.png" width="320" />

                  <splash gap:qualifier="land-mdpi" height="320" src="res/splash/android/land-mdpi.9.png" width="480" />

                  <splash gap:qualifier="port-hdpi" height="800" src="res/splash/android/port-hdpi.9.png" width="480" />

                  <splash gap:qualifier="land-hdpi" height="480" src="res/splash/android/land-hdpi.9.png" width="800" />

                  <splash gap:qualifier="port-xhdpi" height="1280" src="res/splash/android/port-xhdpi.9.png" width="720" />

                  <splash gap:qualifier="land-xhdpi" height="720" src="res/splash/android/land-xhdpi.9.png" width="1280" />

                  <splash gap:qualifier="port-xxhdpi" height="1600" src="res/splash/android/port-xxhdpi.9.png" width="960" />

                  <splash gap:qualifier="land-xxhdpi" height="960" src="res/splash/android/land-xxhdpi.9.png" width="1600" />

                  <splash gap:qualifier="port-xxxhdpi" height="1920" src="res/splash/android/port-xxxhdpi.9.png" width="1280" />

                  <splash gap:qualifier="land-xxxhdpi" height="1280" src="res/splash/android/land-xxxhdpi.9.png" width="1920" />





      I tried to remove `width` and `height` from config, tried to replace `gap:qualifier` with just `qualifier` or `density`, but it didn't work for me.



      If I do just put a signle file:



          <platform name="android">

              <splash src="res/splash/android/splash.9.png" />



      then splash is shown.