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    How can I fix "Pending downloads" from LR Mobile Sync?

    Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

      I have LR Sync turned on for my desktop catalog. I use LR Mobile to capture raw images on my iPhone. I have set the preferences in my LR catalog to sync the raw files to a specific folder on my desktop computer. This works most of the time. However I had a handful of images that didn't sync back to my desktop. The LR preferences showed them as pending. There was a message in the upper left corner of LR that said "Syncing Images". Clicking on the pending message in the LR preferences took me to image online in the LR browser version. I could not figure out any way to force the image to sync with my desktop. I could download the original image to my desktop, but that requires reimporting it into my desktop catalog. It also breaks the link back to the mobile sync. I ended up deleting the problem images from LR online because they weren't important to me. Deleting the images from the browser removed the "pending" message and fixed the problem. This really isn't a solution though.


      Is there a way to force sync images that are in the online Lightroom that for whatever reason didn't automatically sync back to the desktop?