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    Head Turns Not Smooth

    bobokirk Level 1

      I'm certain I must have some combination of sensitivity settings not right, causing my head turns to sort of snap into place as the profile transitions. I've tried a few settings several times, but I seem to be making everything worse (including my puppet suddenly starting responding and moving slowly - as if stoned).
      Please help me to solve smoothing things out. Thanks in advance for the help!


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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Hard to tell what's up without seeing it...could you share your .puppet file (File > Export > Puppet) via a shared link on Google Drive, Dropbox, or Creative Cloud to take a closer look?

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            bobokirk Level 1

            Hey folks ... sorry we took this off-line.  But this was Dave absolutely correct answer .....




            Hey, really nice! These head turns are better than 90% of what I see so awesome work.

            I find head turns looks best if a) they happen really fast and/or b) are keyboard controlled instead of head controlled. So with yours if I turn it up to a sensitivity of 400% it looks pretty good to me, usually because a small movement will move from left profile to right profile fluidly. This means those middle 3 are more transitional, but it seems to work. Second, sometimes I find I have more precise control if I key trigger them instead (especially for recorded stuff). So if you turned head turner off, leave Frontal but set the others to be triggered by 1,2,3,4 with hide others in group checked, then you have more control over how they work. I showed how to do this + cycle layers here too: Character Animator Tips & Tricks (January 2017) -...

            Hope that helps a little? -dave


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