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    Flash trouble with IE

      On the development version of a site, I have created a flash movie that uses an XML file that refers to the filenames of images and their respective captions that are then loaded into the flash movie.

      The images are loaded 2 at a time, into movie containers within the movie, and then the movies containing the images cycle through the images one at a time, one movie container fading out revealing the next image below it, etc. etc.

      Basically, I have used this on the site for many photo galleries. Each one uses the same flash file (in its own folder on the server, with its respective "images" subdirectory) coupled with an XML file (all in the same folder on the server) that tells the flash file where the images are, and in what order, and their related captions.

      There are 9 photo galleries, therefore 9 folders on the server, each with their own flash and XML and JPEG image files. For 3 specific galleries, the flash file does not load images on some computers using IE. On the same computers, all other galleries work fine.

      Can anyone even guess what could be causing this??

      Many thanks in advance,

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