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    Best settings for exporting to Blurb

    rjsphd Level 1

      I am making a book using Blurb, but using its BookWright program for ease.  My question is how best to export my JPEGs. 


      1. I exported files to my desktop, without enlarging, at 100% quality.  BookWright tells me the images are  250ppi, when Blurb suggested 300ppi. If I select Image sizing on the Lr export page I can get 300ppi, but I don't know what dimensions to make the photos.  Or do I check the "Do not Enlarge" box?  Suggestions?


      2.  I am using matte paper.  Should I sharpen for matte paper?




      Rob (Novice--this is my first book)

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          What are the pixel dimensions of your files?

          At what size do you want to print them?

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            mike240 Level 3

            You might be in luck and get some guidance on this forum. However, I'd advise you to go to Blurb's user forum and also search their FAQs. I seem to recall that your question is addressed.


            I've used BookWright a number of times and the photo boxes in the page templates (whichever you select or design yourself) will tell you the pixel dimensions required if you hover your cursor over them.

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              Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

              Did you know that you can create a Blurb book layout directly in Lr? You might want to check it out.


              If you want to export images and use BookWright, don't scale your exported images either up or down. Export them as jpegs with no compression and use the sRGB icc profile. BookWright will handle the scaling of the images if needed.


              The resolution is irrelevant without knowing the image size versus the print size so it's best to just keep the images at full size.