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    How do I activate trial version of Captivate 8 down load?

    kathyp38103719 Level 1

      I Down loaded from here Download Adobe Captivate and installed Trial Version of Captivate 8 64 bit for windows. We are ready to buy, so I Found this website link on adobe to purchase the software license key:  Adobe Captivate 8 at a Discount - AdobeBuy.US    The seller will not e-mail me the redemption code.  Instead they send me here to log in Store Home and download some weird files (adobe.captivate.8.exe + adobe.cc.2014.activation.zip).  I tried this and my virus scanner said the adobe.captivate.8.exe file is not safe.  I just want to activate the trial version of the software I downloaded from your website.  How can I do this?