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    call function from main canvas inside a symbol

    byunghoona16325993 Level 1



      I'm a newbie with Animate CC and JavaScript, so bear with me if I use the wrong terms - I'll try to be as clear as possible.


      Let's say we have the following function written on frame 1 of the main canvas:


      this.exampleFunction = function (message) {




      So I'm happy because I can call this function even when I'm on frame 100. But let's say I create a Symbol Definition - I double click something on my canvas, and I'm brought to this "new layer" where I can edit stuff. From here, I start adding code as well. Everything works, but I can't seem to call the function (exampleFunction) I made on frame 1.


      How would I go on about doing this? Let me know if we need more info to tackle this problem!