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    How can I stop Lightroom from altering my raw images automatically?

    SoCollegeFilm Level 1

      BEFORE you start furiously typing away at how it's not adjusting my images, and that RAW data is flat, I'm actually having the opposite problem. I know that already, I want the flat image, I DON'T like the jpeg previews. It seems as though LR is doing the reverse of all the other complaints I've found here.


      My photo initially comes up as the flat RAW image, perfect. And then after a second or two it snaps into a more developed version. Here are screen grabs for reference:






      I'd like to know what setting to change or preference to delete to prevent this from happening. It's quite frustrating.


      Images are .cr2 from a Canon 7D Mark II

      Computer is Mac Pro running latest OS

      LR version is 2015.10.1

      Camera Raw version is 9.10.1


      Thanks for your help!