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    Can't Finish Render


      I have an upcoming deadline for a project and can't get my footage to render. About 80% of the way through it usually returns some sort of error. Either "Either Decrease Memory Requirements or Install More Ram" or "Accelerated Render Error, Unable to Produce Frame". In some cases AE will just crash.


      My project is a green screen replacement with an instance of keylight and key cleaner, using that matte for two other layers (light wrap and shadow), and a displacement map for the shadow on the background.

      I have tried rendering out just the key w/ alpha channel, but that too, fails every time. I have also tried disabling Key Cleaner, and it renders farther than if left on, but I still get the error "Keylight Out of Memory" followed by "Unable to Allocate 0.002MB of memory."


      Running the latest version of AE (14.2.1)

      System specs Intel i5 3.2

      Ghz GeForce 970 4GB VRAM

      16 GB DDR4 Ram

      AE running on internal SDD Project, files, and cache on internal HDD (I realize this storage setup is not optimal but it's best I can do with the space I have)

      Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated

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          foughtthelaw Adobe Community Professional

          can't fix the memory issue but I'd suggest you purge all caches and memory and render to an image sequence. If you use Multi Machine output settings it'll skip existing frames and that way when it crashes you at least don't loose your progress and can start rendering from where you left off until your memory fails again. then when you're done you can just stitch the frames together and render w/ audio if needed.


          annoying for sure but it's more likely to work than your current setup right now.

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            Nexahs1138 Level 3

            Purge your image cache first of all, second, are you using AE to render or AME?


            If using AE, render it as a TIF sequence and then assemble the images in  another programme, either Premiere or WMM. Or send it to AME.


            What amount of RAM have you allocated for AE, and what are your render settings?

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              MassAwesomeOne Level 1

              I'm using AE to render. I have the max amount of RAM AE will let me allocate (12.9 GB). I purged everything and tried to render out the comp as a Tiff sequence and got the error "Unable to allocate enough memory to render the current frame (2713 x 1719 @ 8 bpc)" about 3/4 of the way thorugh. Before trying tiff I was rendering out to a 1080p 8-bit DNxHR quicktime, video only.


              I've done several projects almost identical this and with no issue (I rendered out two comps last week with an almost identical set up.) Very odd to me that it's acting up now.

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                Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                All good recommendations above, but another variant/option:  split your render into several segments, and restart AE and/or empty cache between each segment render.

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                  Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                  1. Reset your Ae preferences


                  2. Render Png sequence and set "skip existing files" in the render settings. If it fails, when you render again it will skip the already rendered frames


                  if that doesn't work I would hold shift as I enter the preferences. This will reveal the secret feature at the bottom of the list in preferences window. Check disable layer cache and choose 1 in purge every frame.


                  note: I suspect you are keying a highly compressed footage. Another advice would be to pre-render this footage to a lossless format and only then apply the effects (if it's after the fact - just replace the old for the new in the project panel by dragging new over old and hold the Alt key.)

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                    MassAwesomeOne Level 1

                    Thanks! Worked great and was able to finish the render.