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    Trying to lengthen a video by adding a repeated track and inserting in timeline


      Hi folks,

      First thank you for your help. I am really new to PE11 and not very good with movie making.

      I have been watching youtube and other videos and I think I'm missing a very simple answer somehow.

      I am making a movie and I want to lengthen a repeat a few seconds of part of a clip.

      I must be doing something wrong. I do better with step by step.

      1. I put the cursor on the clip I wish to copy.

      2. I split the clip

      3. Then place the cursor on the portion I wish to copy and choose control c

      4. Then I highlight the track I want to duplicate in the timeline and do control V


      this isn't working. I must be missing something and have worked hours and hours.

      Please can someone give me a clue of what step I am missing?

      The movie should be longer, but it isn't.

      Thank you.