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    Alignment problem


      Is there any way to make it snap to the actual thing in the picture? Or remove the transparent background? Just something...


      Like you can see in the video it snaps to the transparent background and not the actual thing in the picture.



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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          The Panels are not shown, so I’m not sure what you did exactly.

          Did you place a Smart Object? If so which file format?

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Hi Benjamin benjaminf52495018


            The bounding box indicates that there is content outside the none white pixels in the Placed object.  If you bring it in an OK it, then work out where that content is, you can delete it.

            It might be that the only content is away from the central object, in which case making a tight selection and inverting it, would let you delete the unwanted area

            One way or another, you need to have just the graphic content on the layer that now contains your Placed object, and to have transparency around it.  Any of the usual selection methods would do this according to what the layer consists of.  We can't see from your video. That way the Free Transform bounding box and handles will become tight to the object.

            Now place a pair of guides (drag them from the rulers) with their intersection where you want the graphic object to be placed, and drage the rulers 0,0 point to that intersection.  It will snap into place.

            Select the graphic object layer, and start the Free Transform process.  (Ctrl t), and move the object so that it's centre handle is placed over the guide intersection.  You can get a perfect location by typing a zero in the X and Y fields in the Options bar.

            If the default centre handle position is not what you want to use as a datum, you can move it by Alt clicking in the required position.  Note: if that position is close to the centre then this does not work as it will try to snap to the centre (even with Snap turned off).  the only recourse then is to place according to the centre handle and nudge one pixel at a time, with the cursor keys.

            If any of that is unclear, please just ask.