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    PayPal button comments section border not appearing in Muse.

    bradley29 Level 1

      Help please if you can?


      My PayPal button has a comments section that should have a border around it but it does not appear in my Muse site.

      I have checked with Paypal and tested the button on the w3schools testing site and the border appears but not in my Muse site.

      PayPal say the issue is with my site as their button works, "The text box is not appearing on your website  probably due to your website's formatting and styling. This is not related to PayPal's issue but rather due to your website's CSS styling. In this case, kindly check your website's formatting to ensure the text box will be displayed  without any issues."


      has anyone else had the same issue?

      The comments section is there under the text but no obvious place for a user to start, as no border appears


      Thanks in advance