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    Reason value in acrobat DC when there is only one item in the list.


      We are passing reason for signing to the signature through Javascript.

      In earlier acrobat versions reason was showing in a text box ,when there is only one item in the list .

      In acrobat DC it is coming as an item in the list box and user need to select the single item before signing.

      can we show it in a text box if there is only single entry? Or is it possible to make it as default item in the list box.



      Please see the part of script used :


                      appearanceFilter: [appearance],

                      filter: security.PPKLiteHandler,

                      subfilter: ["adbe.pkcs7.sha1"],

                      reasons: [reason],

                      flags: 8,

                      certspec: certSpec,

                      timeStampspec: timeStampSpec