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    Reason value in acrobat DC when there is only one item in the list.

    Naseem_calpine Level 1

      We are passing reason for signing to the signature through Javascript.

      In earlier acrobat versions reason was showing in a text box ,when there is only one item in the list .

      In acrobat DC it is coming as an item in the list box and user need to select the single item before signing.

      can we show it in a text box if there is only single entry? Or is it possible to make it as default item in the list box.



      Please see the part of script used :


                      appearanceFilter: [appearance],

                      filter: security.PPKLiteHandler,

                      subfilter: ["adbe.pkcs7.sha1"],

                      reasons: [reason],

                      flags: 8,

                      certspec: certSpec,

                      timeStampspec: timeStampSpec