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    auto-painting plugin

    madobe1127 Level 1

      Is there an auto-painting plugin for PS? I'm thinking of something like this. I start with a source image: a photograph I would like to make look "painted." I would choose a brush and brush size. Then the plugin would make random short strokes, with each stroke setting the color to match the source image.


      (This is how auto-paint works in Corel Painter.)


      Hopefully I would have some control over the type of strokes, the randomness, and so forth, in order to control the final look.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Seem to me that a random small stroke across an image would be going over many colors bigger tips more colors which color would be your color match? I would think that pointillism may be possible not a Rembrandt.


          Are you sure Corel Pinter does not add brush strokes textures to existing colors a distort displacement.

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            madobe1127 Level 1

            This is how auto-painting works in Corel Painter. The brush picks up the color underneath it at the starting point of the stroke. It tends to look better if it's a mixer-type brush, which will smear colors and create some brushstroke detail. Kind of impressionistic I think. The final result, depending on the parameters and brush type, is very useful as an image that can be used or recombined with other images, or further processed.


            Photoshop "mixer" brushes work very much like wet brushes in Corel Painter. If a PS plugin could use the mixer brush to paint, the result would be quite interesting.

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              davidc1815 Level 4

              I don't know of a plugin that will simulate a painting.  There may be an Action that will try to do this but I don't know of one. There are of course standalone programs that aim to do this.


              But Photoshop offers various ways to simulate natural media. It all depends what you mean by "painting".  You need to have an idea what - what style of artwork - you are aiming for.  So, you can use the Art History Brush to make both loose and detailed watercolours and oils, the Mixer Brush can clone Smeary Oil brushstrokes, the Pattern Stamp Tool for detailed oils and watercolour washes, and the Smudge Tool to make highly detailed softened brushstrokes.  Then there are chalks for pastels, and filters for pen and pencil outlines used in combination to produce mixed media effects like pen and wash.  All of these work from a photograph.


              Here is quite a nice technique using the Art History Brush:



              These may involve more work than you want to put in but the results can be quite good.



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                rqtect Level 1

                Just buy Corel Painter 2019 

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                  davidc1815 Level 4

                  I use Corel Painter a lot for Oil simulations but have never found its watercolour brushes up to much. In my experience you can make better watercolour effects in Photoshop.


                  Incidentally, if you re-read the OP's posts you will see he is already aware of Corel Painter.

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                    Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                    Something like Snap Art 4?


                    Snap Art - Alien Skin Software



                    Lots of others listed here: