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    I can't select a certain Mask under the path drop down menu?




      I'm trying to create a liquid motion effect on the word hydration. First, i type out the word then split each letter onto a seperate layer. Then, i copy the layer with an individual letter on it and pre-compose it, and open it in a seperate composition. after that, I use the pen tool to trace over an individual letter. Then i go into effects, and drag the Generate: Stroke effect onto the layer i just used the pen tool on. When i go to the path drop down i would expect to see 'H Mask' (The name of my Layer) but when i click on the drop down it says 'none' and i can't select any masks i have made.


      Here is the link to the tutorial i'm trying to follow: Imitating Liquid Motion in After Effects - YouTube


      I hace also attatcheda screen grab of the stage i am currently stuck at:


      Thanks.After Effects Problem.JPG