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    Security of the submitted PDF forms (mailto: function)

    eugenen26498105 Level 1

      Hello everyone!


      Following a successful conversion of a file i was using for my customers orders (adding a print button and a script that is checking mandatory fields completeness - try67 thanks once again), i decided to place the pdf form on the website and use a submit button instead of print.


      I want to ask the community about an security issue. If i will use mailto: function, could you please explain how it actually works? specifically - who is the sender? is the personal data of my Clients protected? Is this information being saved on any server? what channel is used for mailing?


      Also, is there any way to crypt the pdf file which will be sent to the email?


      Many thanks in advance!


      P.S. In my country, data protection rules are quite strict and i have to look for any possible ways to protect this digital relationship between me and the Client. Another way could be to create a web form and than export the data and populate fields in the pdf form (not to input data once again when Client visits for pick-up), but this is a more difficult way