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    Lightroom Mobile App can't take photos

    mani gutau

      Hi there, since a few days I am not able to take photos anymore with Lightroom Mobile App.

      Running the last iOS version on iPhone 7 Plus, 256 GB.

      Tried all solutions, sign out-sign in my CC account, restart the device, nothing happens.

      If I Try to take a photo, it appears as a preview, but it is not saved in my Lightroom library anymore.

      Can someone provide a solution to this problem? I use exclusively iPhone for photography with Lightroom mobile app, as it allows Raw capture.

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Mani,


          I'm using the same phone as you and it's working OK for me. Can you try opening a specific collection first before taking a photo? The photo should then appear within that collection.


          iPhone 7+ 256Gb

          iOS 10.3.2

          LR Mobile v 2.74 1D74CB


          Are you shooting on Auto, HDR or Pro? They all seem to work for me, but just trying to cover all bases.



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