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    Latest Lightroom update changed print window


      Help! With the most recent update of Lightroom, the print window doesn't actually have a "Print" button! I'm trying to make a pdf of a contact sheet. I even tried "Save as pdf…" in Print Settings, but it didn't save.


      Also, Import doesn't show my main user to select photos to import! So I had to go through "Select Source" etc. etc.


      Adobe…if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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          richardplondon Level 4

          The "Print" button disappears whenever you have "Print Job" set to export a JPG, rather than "To Printer". Could that be it?


          (This option simply reflects the last remembered print settings; it is functionally no different than before AFAICT.)


          Import should also reflect the last used Import settings, unless/until you change something or recall an import preset. It is possible to hide panels in the interface, though.


          I am not completely clear what you mean by "my main user" - but the presentation of drives and virtual library locations etc is OS dependent; for example on Windows, "My Documents" exists nowhere on disk under that exact name; this is a more of a sort of a non-geographical figment. LR is really interested in actual, solid, explicit folder paths.


          If you have a source location which you frequently want to import images from, it is convenient to record everything - selection of Move / Copy / Add, Source (and Destination options if applicable), and Renaming (if applicable) - into a named import preset. Then to recall that preset and customise settings from there if / as needed, each time.


          Doing this takes away the need to interact with most of the Import settings, and helps with consistent repeatability too.