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    Bad Allocation

    tera_dragon Level 1

      I'm getting an error when opening a particular puppet - Bad Allocation Error code: (Adobe.RigDynamicsWorld.js:216)


      Anyone else had this? This is the second time I've re-tagged my puppet. Puppet is created within Illustrator. Any help much appreciated!!

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Is this a .puppet file youre importing/opening, or a puppet in a project? If the latter, can you export that puppet (select it in the Project panel, then choose File > Export > Puppet), and share a link (via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) to us to diagnose? You can send via direct message if preferred.



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            tera_dragon Level 1

            Hi Jeff, it was a project. I've just gone to open it now on my home computer and it is empty! Gah! I'll try and open it again on my work pc tomorrow and let you know how I get on. Looks like I might have to start from scratch again... d'oh.


            It won't be because the illustrator file is too big will it? This will be 3rd time lucky tagging this puppet!

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              Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

              If you still have the project folder on disk (i.e., the folder that contains the .chproj file and the Ch Data and Ch Media subfolders), could you try archiving the project folder and sending a shared link to the .zip file. We'll see if we can determine what's going on.


              The error message does sound like some memory-related issue, but unsure if related to a large Illustrator file. What are the dimensions for the AI file?

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                tera_dragon Level 1

                I'm pretty sure the ai file is 2000 x 2000 px. It's only 372kb in disk size.


                Silly me, I was opening the wrong project! here is a link to my current project file: Adobe Creative Cloud

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                  Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                  Can you also provide the Hedgehog Puppet.ai file? That file was outside of the project folder. Feel free to send a shared link (via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) in a direct message, if needed. Thanks.

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                    Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                    Thanks. I do see that it's very slow. This seems to be related to the complexity of the mesh because a bunch of stuff is on the same mesh. Also, I think it's not appearing in the Scene panel because you are using Head Turner, but the Frontal group isn't visible by default.


                    So, try this to at least help out a little bit:


                    1. Open the project while holding down the Shift key (which prevents the puppet and scene from opening in the Puppet and Scene panels).

                    2. Double-click the puppet in the Project panel to open it in the Puppet panel.

                    3. Select the "Right Profile", "Left Profile", and "Frontal" groups, then click in the crown column to make them all independent.

                    4. Turn off the eyeball for "Right Profile", but turn on the eyeball for "Frontal".


                    I also noticed you had a bunch of Walk-related handles added, but no Walk behavior applied. Were you intending to add Walk? If not, removing those extra handles and sticks will reduce mesh complexity.


                    Once you've done all those things, and opened the scene in the Scene panel, are you still getting that "Bad Allocation Error code: (Adobe.RigDynamicsWorld.js:216)" error message? I haven't so far, but we'll have our team investigate what might be happening with your original project.


                    Also, if the scene doesn't appear, try deleting the Dangle behavior to see if that at least gets the puppet to render in the scene, then re-add the Dangle behavior.



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                      tera_dragon Level 1

                      Jeff! Awesome! I've got her working now. Do you think it was related to having 10 dangles per face? I was intending to use the walk feature in the future... I'm planning on making some short cartoons.


                      I'll see if I can get some movements recorded from her now. Thank you very much.

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                        Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                        Glad it's working for you now. Unsure, but it might've been related to the complexity of the mesh because all three views were contributing to the same mesh (i.e., all the handles on all the views were producing a very dense mesh), so making the views independent might help isolate each view's mesh. We'll still try to investigate the performance of the meshing and also try to reproduce the original error message (which we haven't so far), though.


                        Thanks for reporting the issue.