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    Where can I find/download Adobe's XYZ .icc profile?

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      See below for a description of the color profile issue I'm having.  This may be an obvious question but I searched extensively and couldn't find an answer.  I am definitely still a noob when it comes to color management.  Thanks in advance for any help!


      • I'm trying to create a solid-colored 32-bit TIFF file in a non-Adobe software package (Imagemagick) that will later get composited with a Photoshop-created TIFF
      • The PS-created TIFF has an "XYZ Profile" (see image below) but I'm having trouble finding a matching .icc file to assign to my Imagemagick-created TIFF
      • The closest I've been able to find is the "D50 XYZ Profile" I downloaded here
      • Though the D50 XYZ profile is very close, I'm still seeing a noticeable difference in color representation when I compare the same 32-bit RGB value across these two profiles
      • I'd like to be able to just assign the Adobe XYZ profile to my Imagemagick-created TIFF but I'm not sure where to find that .icc file
      • So far I looked in the following places but I didn't see anything called "xyz profile":
        • The Windows folder on my local drive where ICC profiles are saved
        • Within the Adobe folder on my local drive where PS is installed
        • On Adobe's website here
      • For reference, this is the profile I'm looking to assign or replicate:






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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          See this thread. XYZ Colorspace conversion Photoshop CS2  You might want CIE XYZ not Adobe.


          I really don't know anything about or use this color space technology, but I can at least try to get you somewhere.

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            Thanks gener but I think the link I provided is the link to the CIE XYZ profiles (see link below).  Someone please correct me if I'm wrong though. 


            XYZ profiles


            Like I said, of the icc's downloadable on that site the D50 version gives the closest match to PS but it's not perfect.  The reason I think the profile I'm after is an Adobe proprietary one is because I found an Adobe copyright embedded in the the PS-created image's color profile information.

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              XYZ is one of the two native spaces of ICC profiles. So an XYZ profile is hardly a profile at all, it's just a "do nothing" profile with some headers. I mention this because, if I was programming an app that needed to embed an XYZ profile, I'd just make one in memory: no need for an external file to exist.


              No idea why Adobe would use XYZ for 32-bit images unless you converted it that way. XYZ is _not_ a kind of RGB, and so this is not going to contain RGB values, but some conversion of them. You'd have to match the conversion, not the RGB values.

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                Ok, from some study I think I understand that a 32-bit ("HDR") image doesn't have an RGB colour space, so there are none of the problems associated with saving with a different space. It uses a fixed space which can show every possible colour, including those outside any RGB gamut (and many imaginary colours, which I don't really understand). So, while you enter RGB values into Photoshop for a 32-bit image, they are immediately converted from the working space to XYZ; the numbers you type are never stored.


                So, unless ImageMagick does the same thing, you need to specify XYZ values, not RGB.

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                  Thanks this definitely gives me more to noodle on.  Just to give some more background, I've created two TIFF files that illustrate what I'm seeing (one PS-created and one IM-created).  They are both 1x1 pixel 32-bit TIFFs but if you open them in Photoshop (and zoom in) you will see the color representation is slightly different.





                  Solid_Green_PS.tif (PS-Created)

                  • FYI, this is the option that is checked by default when saving a TIF in PS:


                  • This is what the color picker looks like in PS for this image:


                  Solid_Green_IM.tif (IM-Created)

                  • This is what the colorpicker looks like for the IM-created image with D50 XYZ profile, you can see the values are identical to the PS-created one:


                  The only difference I can find between these two TIFF's are their color profiles.  When I look at the embedded icc information for each image the PS-created one has the following:

                      icc:copyright: Copyright 2017 Adobe Systems Incorporated

                      icc:description: XYZ Profile

                      icc:manufacturer: XYZ Profile

                      icc:model: XYZ Profile

                  Versus the IM-created file, which shows the D50 XYZ Profile I assigned:

                      icc:copyright: Copyright Hewlett Packard, 2006

                      icc:description: D50 XYZ profile

                      icc:manufacturer: D50 XYZ profile

                      icc:model: D50 XYZ profile

                  So I guess my question is still the same as the OP, where do I find the Adobe XYZ .icc file that is assigned to the PS-created image so I can assign it to my IM-created image and make them perfectly match?

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                    So the answer was pretty obvious...but like I said I'm a noob.  I hadn't realized it was possible to just extract an icc profile from an existing image.  A number of software can do it, I used Imagemagick (see thread below for details).  When I applied the extracted profile to my IM-created TIFF, I was able to perfectly reproduce the color.



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