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    Password encrypt a group of files

    nbirkett51 Level 1

      I am trying to password encrypt a group of files using Acrobat Pro DC.  This used to be fairly easy in Acrobat 9 (using the Batch option).  I understand that I need to use 'actions' on Pro DC.  I have written a simple action but am having two issues, one an annoyance and one a bigger problem.


      The annoyance is that I can not find a way to run the action without having a file open in Pro DC.  Even then, the 'actions list' doesn't show up on the list of tools in the right menu listing.


      The problem is: when I run the action on a group of files, I have to click 'save' for every file that I want to encrypt.  If you have a long list, this is a pain, and slows down the operation.  In Acrobat 9, the batch process encryption would close each file automatically.  I can see no option to set this up in Pro DC.  Am I missing something?