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    Disappearing header and footer

      I have a problem that has only recently started to happen. We are running x5 and have two projects that are virtually identical. In fact one started off as a copy of the other. Now when a topic is imported from one project into the other the header and footer disappear. This did not happen previsouly.

      Does anyone know what may be causing this?
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          MergeThis Level 4
          You might have to look under the hood at the TrueCode; you'll likely find that RH got confused when it couldn't find, in the receiving project, what was being linked to in the topic being imported.

          Do a compare of the code in the topic from each project, and I think you'll find that the data has not actually disappeared, but is simply being "cloaked." Re-establishing the link should fix it.

          Good luck,
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            NianNorth Level 1
            Thanks for the response. I've had a look and the header code does not appear in the true code. Both projects use the same CSS templates etc. The stripping of the header and footer takes place importing the files in either direction.

            There must be something simple I'm missing here!
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              Gravenstein Level 2
              Are the headers and footers controlled by templates? If so, just open the topic properties and reassign the templates.

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                NianNorth Level 1
                No the header and footer do not form part of any template.

                The header gives the date the topic was last updated. It is inserted the first time an update is made and amened with each subsequent change, so it's a real pain it disapeaing all the time.

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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                  So you aren't using a field to display the date, just manually typing in the date into the topic header and this is not being brought across when you import?

                  Also you say that this didn't used to happen. Can you identify something that changed just before it did start happening (e.g. project changes, etc.).
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                    NianNorth Level 1
                    That's correct. When an author makes a major revison to the technical content they change the date in the header.

                    We have a number of authors and the project provides help to users both in GB and Northern Ireland so there is a good quantity of tagged content. We had loads of issues with authors not tagging content correctly and web helps being produced with part completed topics. So we have a development project where all the work is done and a live project that the tech support import completed topics into and use for generation of the four outputs. Complicated I know but it designs out some user error issues.

                    We had some source control issues and had to create a new DB for the live project. It is not certain but it appears either at that time or arouond then the header issue appeared. (we are hoping to move to RH7 ASAP as DB errors are too comon at present). One of my team created the new database and I had assumed this could not be the issue as it is such a simple task. I can't understand why if HTML code is stripped from a topic it is only the header and footer. It's not just the content it's the whole thing.

                    I'm sure some numpty has changed a setting somewhere but I can't see it!