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    Fresh Install... LR 6.x instead of LR CC




      I freshly installed my PC and set up the Adobe CC overnight... I made a little mistake however and clicked on LR instead of CC because I thought I'd get the usual Adobe CC App where I could add the other programs... When Is aw that it tried to install the LR Application I aborted and used the Adobe CC APP... however each time I try to install Lightroom 2015 CC I get LR 6.x I removed it a few times... signed off, signed on, even copied the old LR 2015 files that I had in use yesterday and Lightroom still says it is Version 6.x over Lightroom 2015 CC
      The Adobe Creative Could App says I could use Lightroom 2015 CC... So I am a bit confused of what to do... I am using Win 10 Pro x64...


      thanks for the help,


      Tom !