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    How to fix LR changing drive letter (but drive letter is till correct on computer)?

    Hopper08 Level 1

      Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me.

      I've seen lots of stuff on changing your drive letter on your computer when the physical drive changes assigned letters due to various external hard drives etc getting plugged in in different orders etc.


      My problem is similar but different.

      Somehow LR now thinks my E: drive is named G: All the files imported into LR originally came from E: and on the computer itself the drive is STILL called E: Which is good, that's what I want. But somehow and I don't know how, somewhere along the way something made LR think E: was G: and now in my collections it shows G: with all my folders all grayed out because it can't find the files.

      How can I tell LR that what it wants to be G: is really E:? I can't reassign the drive letter on my computer because the drive letter is actually correct and didn't change (E:) and LR is the thing that got messed up?


      Please Help!