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    Availability of Dispatcher version 4.1.12 for Apache 2.4

    ajs-devops Level 1

      I'm trying to head off a delay on a project here which will see the change from Apache 2.2 to Apache 2.4 for our Dispatcher systems.


      Last year (prior to me joining) somebody here discovered an issue with using Dispatcher 4.2 versions that caused URLs to be rewritten if they had + symbols escaped to %2b arriving in the request.


      Essentially the request would come in from the browser containing %2b and when it left the dispatcher to go to the publisher the URI contained the + symbol which caused some problems and in response the team at that time rolled back the Dispatcher version but forgot to raise a ticket and track it properly.


      We are doing a number of updates soon and will be re-testing with later Dispatcher versions but it may arise that the update to Apache 2.4 will be demanded before we can do these tests.


      The problem is, of course, that Dispatcher 4.1.12 does not seem to be available on the public download page and one cannot simply change the URL to request an older version because the content for the download is generated by the CMS so changing the filename simply gives you the latest version of the Dispatcher with the name you craftily asked for.


      I'm simply trying to get to the bottom of it being possible to request in some way Dispatcher 4.1.12 for Apache 2.4 Linux x86-64 version so if we do find ourselves needing to use it then we are pre-equipped.