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    Cue points (auto pause points) in an Epub video from InDesign

    thebobwolf Level 1

      Hello all,


      Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere I searched and turned up no answer.


      Is it possible to create an interactive Epub with a h264 video in it? Yes. the answer is yes and it's nice and easy too. good stuff.


      Now the real question... Can you add auto pause points to this video?


      The aim is to have the user open iBooks, open your new epub book, navigates to a page with video, play a video and have it pause at say 6 seconds. The user presses play to continue and then the video automaticly pauses again after a further 10 seconds (for example) and so on.



      So in summery, adding multiple cue points to h264 video embedded in an ePub to be played on an iPad in iBooks?



      I know it's possible to add controls to video with html through the Object > Insert HTML menu command, although not being an expert I've not tried this nor do I know how far this can be used in order to control video. If it is possible, can anyone provide me with some code to try.


      Thanks for any help with this