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    Presenter 10 playback works in HTTP but not HTTPS?

    FrankUy Level 1

      I have a Presenter (v10) presentation that we have been using successfully for a few years.


      This week I added HTTPS to our media server. Most of our files display correctly, but this one only shows a white screen with "Adobe Presenter" under four gray squares doing a ZomboCom spin.


      In Chrome Inspector Console, the following differences occur in HTTP vs HTTPS:


      HTTP displays 4 success messages:

      onDOMContentLoaded for http://SERVER/PATH/     content.js:604

      onCompleted for http://SERVER/PATH/     content.js:623

      Gather controls:     capture_page_info.js:954

      Process DOM-change event     content.js:495


      HTTPS displays 2 errors:

      X GET https://SERVER/PATH/data/html/fa/SourceSansPro-Regular.otf

      X Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined     presenter.js:697


      Verified repeatably across Win 10 & Mac 10.12.