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    List Component

      Flex 2 Beta 3

      Hello, I've been looking all over the web for the answer to my problem, but I've had no success so I'm posting here.

      I am writing a chat client with audio/video support, and I'm having a bit of a problem adding users to the list component. (It works fine when I output them in a textarea). After alot of confusion I managed to actually get them to add to the list using an array. But when a user joins the room, it shows all the nicknames again. For Example. I join as Guest1, Guest 1 gets added to the list, then I join under another name e.g Guest2 and it adds Guess1again because I don't know howto clear the list before it adds again. Although I do know why this is happening, but I'm not sure howto implement it. Here's the code:
      Please help me if you can, thanks!