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    Complain on buying independent licenses in Central America


      Hello Adobe team,


      I want to complain about the fact that I can't buy an independent/individual licence in my country (Republic of Panama) ATM, you have distributors of the programs / service, but they sell the program around 40% more expensive and limited to businesses or companies. If I want to buy it they only have this option and they wont sell me an individual plan and if they did I'm assuming it would cost me 40% more as well.


      So, when and if I want to buy it directly from the site, I can't because the site is region limited. I can't use pay pal either, nor my visa. So in conclusion I see that I have to get a US visa in order to pay for your service??? What if I don't have this option? I don't consider this to be fair. What happens with all the individuals, graduates and students who want this program?!


      I'm not the first person to disagree on this or to find it disappointing. Please give us an option!