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    Cache Problem? CC2017

    PMurphyorg Level 1



      I seem to be having an issue with the image cache not updating quickly.


      For example, I will scroll around my timeline or turn on and off layers and will not see a change in my composition window until 10 seconds later or it wont update at all.  I find myself continually going to edit > purge > purge all memory & disk cache.


      Im working on a laptop, osx 10.12.5, 2.5ghz intel core i7, 16gb memory, graphics: intel iris pro 1536mb.   There is about 200gb of space left on my 500gb flash storage drive.


      I tried using an external ssd (usb3.0) to see if that would help but still slow.  I thought it might be my laptop but im also having the same trouble at home on my iMac, which is more powerful.


      One thing I do notice is that if I put the "posterize time" effect on a comp, that will slow it down even more.


      Im kind of at a loss of what to do.  I just started having this problem about a month ago or so.  Any help is much appreciated!