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    Cache Problem? CC2017

    PMurphyorg Level 1



      I seem to be having an issue with the image cache not updating quickly.


      For example, I will scroll around my timeline or turn on and off layers and will not see a change in my composition window until 10 seconds later or it wont update at all.  I find myself continually going to edit > purge > purge all memory & disk cache.


      Im working on a laptop, osx 10.12.5, 2.5ghz intel core i7, 16gb memory, graphics: intel iris pro 1536mb.   There is about 200gb of space left on my 500gb flash storage drive.


      I tried using an external ssd (usb3.0) to see if that would help but still slow.  I thought it might be my laptop but im also having the same trouble at home on my iMac, which is more powerful.


      One thing I do notice is that if I put the "posterize time" effect on a comp, that will slow it down even more.


      Im kind of at a loss of what to do.  I just started having this problem about a month ago or so.  Any help is much appreciated!

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Hey PMurphyOrg,

          That sounds kind of odd. What kind of footage is this, may I ask? Let us know so that we may assist you on this one, that is, if you have not figured it out yet.



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            tristansummers Level 1

            I still think this is a caching on SSD issue, maybe with drives that use theeir own cache, maybe it is TRIM related, who knows but basically the cache gets stuff stuck in it still all the time and you have to restart AE to clear it.

            even if you only have one simple expression, the viewer won't update.

            it could be GPU driver related, especially on a wacintosh and AMD cards