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    Lightroom mobile not syncing on Macbook (Connected and not connected same time)




      At home I have a PC under windows 10.

      When I travel I use my Macbook pro.


      My catalog is on an external drive.


      I created some Collections on my PC. they are synchronized with LR Mobile.


      This is working well between the PC and LR Mobile, so, when I'am in an airport, a bus, ... I work on my Phone or my Tablet.


      But when I travel for longer, I work also after on my MacBook Pro.


      But on my Macbook pro, the different collection appear like they are not "synchronized collections".

      On the top left close to my name, when I click it's written that I'm not connected to LR Mobile and it propose to connect.

      But when I click nothing append.


      Also on the last choice of the menu (Help), it's written that I'm connected.


      I read that I have to delete Sync.lrdata folder located in /Users/<me>/Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Sync Data/

      but in this location there isn't any Sync.lrdata. Just a folder Avatar.


      How to activate LR Mobile on my MacBook pro ?


      Thank you in advance.