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    Does Flex have a tool equivalent to .NET's wsdl.exe?

      .NET has a tool named wsdl.exe which will read a WSDL document and generate code such as classes that can be used to access a web service. Java 6 has a similar tool named wsimport.exe. Does anyone know if Flex has an equivalent tool?

      So far, I've been able to accomplish some rudimentary tasks using a web service. For example, I'm able to make a call and get back some data which is in a complex data structure. What I want to know is what kind of code is Flex generating for the web service.

      For example, I've got a web service method that I created using ASP.NET 2.0. The method signature is the following.

      void SaveOrUpdateItem(Item)

      Item is a class and is defined as so in C#.

      class Item
      private string name;
      public Name
      get {return name;}
      set {name = value;}

      What I want to know is if Flex generates an equivalent ActionScript class, or, is this something that I have to define myself?

      I can get data out of the web service. For example, I have the following web method that returns an Item.

      Item GetItem(int id)

      But, if I need to create an instance of an Item myself, how do I go about doing so?