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    Downloading files?

      We use RoboHelp to help our users program their own experiments. When did first did this 4 years ago we included the script needed to program an action. We gave them the script and told them to copy and paste into a sample program that we included with the install. Now we want to make it simpler for our customers and have them download the file which illustrates each scripting command for our software. Our experiments are saved as .es files. Is it possible to include a file that they could download for each topic? If so, how? Can this also be done using FlashHelp?

      I'm just getting back into this as we have not touched our help files in over four years. I was surprised of how easy it was to use FlashHelp with our old files. It gives it a new and feel without doing any work on our end with the different skins.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          Welcome to the forum.

          The file type '.ES' isn't a recognized file format, or MIME type, so your users would just get a 'HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found.' message.

          You could add the MIME type on the server. In MS's Internet Information Services, in the MIME types; add 'ES' as 'Text/Plain'. Then restart IIS.

          But, that could be an 'issue' for some, such as the security-minded.

          Better yet, you can change the files extensions themselves to something else; .txt, .js, .xml, or compress them and deliver them within a .jar or .cab file.

          Better than messin' around with them mimes, I tell ya.