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    Adobe Acrobat DC hangs - RDSH


      One of our customer having issues with Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. The application hangs or crashes many times a day. They are mainly working with PDF files and are pretty frustrated having this problem with a paid product.


      Adobe Acrobat DC (17.009.20044) is installed on a Windows Server 2012 R2 (RDSH). Currently are 8 users on this server. Increasing CPU cores and memory could not improve the situation. Using HDD or SSD storage does not make a difference. Disabling various options in the settings improved the situation temporary. Running Adobe Cleaner Tool and reinstalling the application was also not successful.


      Is there any possibility to run the program stable on the server ? Could it be a users profile issue ?


      Any help appreciated.


      Best regards


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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi Patrick,


          As per the issue description mentioned above, Acrobat is crashing when working with pdf files on Windows Server 2012 R2, is that correct?


          Could you try troubleshooting steps given under Correct Answer in the link below:

          Adobe Reader DC has errors and crashes with Windows Server 2012 R2


          Keep us posted with the results.


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            pd_vt Level 1

            Hi Shivam,


            I already know this thread and tried every single mentioned solution.
            None of them solved the problem. Disabling the Sandbox reduced some hangs.


            Hope there is another possible solution.


            Best regards


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              Adorobat Adobe Employee

              Hi Patrick ,


              As you suggested above, this could be a user profile issue. Could you please try creating a new user account, login into the account and launch Acrobat from there?

              You may refer to the steps given in this link on how to create a new user account on Windows Server: Create a New User Account




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                pd_vt Level 1

                Hi Shivam,


                I created a new user account and experience the same problems.

                Especially navigating in the tool menu creates those hangs.


                On this server is also Indesign CC 2017 installed. I detected that every user starts about 6 - 8 Adobe background processes after logon. Could there be a conflict between the processes ?


                Best Regards


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                  I am a Mac user and I am consistently also getting a "hang" error every time I try to use Adobe Pro -- the program becomes non-responsive about 10-15 seconds after I open a document.  I downloaded Adobe Reader and it seemed to work ok for about a day, and now I experience the very same "hang" error.  I have copied and pasted the top portion of the exact error message below.  Please help!  Thank you!


                  Date/Time: 2017-08-29 17:20:14 -0500

                  OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.12.6 (Build 16G29)

                  Architecture: x86_64h

                  Report Version:  25


                  Data Source: Stackshots


                  Command: AdobeAcrobat

                  Path: /Applications/Adobe Acrobat 2015/Adobe Acrobat.app/Contents/MacOS/AdobeAcrobat

                  Version: 15.006.30355 (15.006.30355)

                  Parent: launchd [1]

                  PID:             1131


                  Event:           hang

                  Duration:        6.40s (process was unresponsive for 7 seconds before sampling)

                  Steps:           64 (100ms sampling interval)


                  Hardware model: MacBookPro11,5

                  Active cpus:     8


                  Fan speed:       2986 rpm

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                    Cranky Lioness

                    I am also a mac user and experiencing the rainbow ring of death approximately 5-10 seconds after opening a PDF file in Adobe DC. I am running macOS Sierra, version 10.12.6 and have experienced nothing but trouble after finishing the trial run and then buying an annual subscription of Acrobat Pro DC.

                    Please find a fix as soon as possible and let us know, i have deactivated and reactivated the apps in Creative Cloud and I have also shutdown my mac and rebooted. Let me know if there is anything further I should try.


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                      JohnMeixel Level 1

                      I'm a Windows 7 user and when it happens process lsass.exe uses 100% of one processor.