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    Constant Crashing


      After a two year dry spell using Sony Vegas rather than After Effects, I've decided it was once again time to reopen the old program and got a free trial to use. I was very confident that I would enjoy it as much as I had years ago, and only wanted the trial to make sure I was SURE before buying it. Well, after six hours of absolute Hell, I'm not so sure anymore.


      First, it took four tries for me to open the program. Each time I would try to open it, it would simply not open even after a solid twenty minutes of waiting. Then, once I finally got it to launch, it then proceeded to crash SEVEN times before it would open up to the actual program at all. Finally, getting it open, I realize that every single time I click anything the program is buggy, laggy, and all around a chore to use. I managed to add one effect to a clip before the entire thing crashed and caused my computer to be practically unusable for a solid thirty minutes. Everything I touched crashed, my windows crashed. EVERYTHING, and this is the same computer I used the program on before.


      I will have a very hard time believing this is a problem with my computer. I can use Vegas Pro 14.0 with every plug in perfectly, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Premiere Pro work perfectly. After Effects worked like a dream until I deleted it for lack of use and needing more space two years ago. Now, every time I touch it it wrecks my computer.