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    Can't Import Comments From Shared Review?


      My group and I all have RoboHelp 2017 installed locally, and we use SharePoint as our source control. We also all have Acrobat Pro DC Installed locally.


      I am trying to find a way to import comments from a shared review, and for whatever reason, the only comments I can import are my own. I have tried sending a shared review (saved to a network drive) or saving the file directly to our network drive. In both cases, I cannot import comments from my editors. On a separate document, I was able successfully to import my own comments, but I haven't been able to import anyone else.


      I can provide more specific information if needed, but is there something obvious that would cause this issue?

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          Paula Stern

          Not sure, but the problem may be that you have RoboHelp installed locally and you are asking it to go to a shared network drive to get comments. I'm wondering if the locations are the issue given that you can see your own comments. The logical conclusion is that RoboHelp is not seeing the shared network drive to pull in their comments. Have you added the location to the Resource Manager? Can you pull in other resources other than the comments?

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            BrittonHansen Level 1

            When importing comments from a shared PDF review, I have had the most success by opening the shared review and then saving it to another location. (Save As...) I have another folder set up exclusively for saved review PDFs.

            I then import the comments from the saved copy and continue with the Review tools in RoboHelp.

            Saving the review PDF seems to be the key.

            Sometimes the results aren't 100% perfect as my SMEs will frequently use the highlighter tool with added comments to indicate changes, but it beats trying to sift through a Word copy of the entire document when the changes have not been indicated.


            Hopefully this helps.