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    Key Missing error


      I am trying to figure out how to fix an error message that keeps popping up on multiple documents.



      If I click okay, the page appears fine and I can continue to use the document without any issues.  However, I would like to figure out what's causing the problem because I need to be able to run the documents through an OCR action set while I'm not at the computer.  The pop-up prevents this because it requires someone to click okay before it will proceed.


      I ran a Preflight check to report PDF Syntax issues and found this:


      Key missing though required by other key

      General File/Format error

      The key /First must be present when key /Count is used


      I have tried a variety of preflight fixes without luck.  The issue seems to be tied to text boxes.  I have already tried flattening and putting the text objects on a layer without luck.  I can convert the files to TIFF and back to PDF, but I would rather avoid that as they are large and there are many of them.


      Any ideas what I can do to either fix the problem or to tell Acrobat that I don't care about the problem and it can stop notifying me?




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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          This is a corrupt PDF and without access to the file, it's impossible to say what exactly is causing this, and if it's possible to fix the problem. When you say you need to run this while you are not at your computer, you are potentially moving onto an unlicensed area: Acrobat is not suitable for server or server-like use because of licensing restrictions, but also because of technical issues (like the dialog that you need to close before the processing continues). You may want to talk to an attorney to find out if you are within the limits in the EULA.

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            jane.graves Level 1

            Thanks, Karl.  I'm simply kicking off a process using Acrobat and walking away while it processes.  I'm not using action folders or any server-like activity.  I don't see how that could possibly be against the EULA.

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              Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

              That's fine, that's why I said "potentially". There is unfortunately nothing you can do to get around this error. Acrobat requires you to acknowledge that error before it keeps on going. If this happens with more than just one file, you may want to look at your workflow to see if one of the tools you are using is introducing this error. If you need professional help in debugging this issue, there are people who can help you. You may want to find somebody local to you, but if that's not possible, I could certainly assist you in debugging this issue. If this is something you want to pursue, please contact me directly (my contact information is on my profile page).

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