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    Advice in drives setup ssds + samsung 950

    juanp8875863 Level 1

      my new desktop is arriving and I need some expert advice in how to distribute my drives for optimal performance in Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects.


      Ryzen 5 1600 + 32gb


      I have (not yet but I'm ordering it):

      1x samsung 950 evo 500gb or 250gb

      some sata ssd between 120 and 500gb


      setup 1

      samsung 950 evo for Os and apps

      1 sata ssd for scratch disk and cache (ps, pr, ae)

      1 sata ssd for files

      1 sata ssd for previews and exports


      setup 2

      1 sata ssd for So and Apps

      1 samsung evo for files, cache, scratch, oreciews, exports


      is one of these options any good? eould you recommend any other setup?