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    Using a simple command...

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      I am sure this doesn't belong in this forum, but hopefully no one minds, but I am sorry. In Director you can stop the movie completely by these lines of code:

      on mouseUp me

      But how do you use this code in flash? I have imported my .swf file just fine, but I don't want to make a button in Director to stop the movie, just in Flash (for animation purposes). How do I write Actionscript code so that it will stop the Director movie? Please help, thanks.
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          to start, I am a director novice, but with flash AS the base movie (in your case a director movie) which loads another movie is called _level0 or _root.
          I think that since you are using director as the base if you use this it may work.

          place this on the root timeline of the fla file, if the button is in a movieclip off the root timeline you may need to point to it ie. myMC.buttonName.onRelease

          buttonName.onRelease = function() {

          in place of buttonName put the instance name of your button, assigned in the properties panel. this should pass the halt() command back to the director movie.

          Also in AS halt() would be stop()