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    No Sound in IE

      Hi Frnds!

      I am not able to hear any sound that is downloaded dynamically into sound objects of flash file.

      NOTE: This problem only occurs when you are playing files in INTERNET EXPLORER or AOL. The files play absolutely fine in FIREFOX.

      Is this a security issue or flash plugin related problem?

      I installed the latest flash 8 Active X also, but still not able to resolve this issue. Kindly provide some information, if someone has resolved the same.

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          norrisoft Level 1
          Are you running Zone Alarm? I have noticed that sound won't play in Flash when I have ZA running.
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            parm_jit Level 1
            Thanks Frnd!

            No, There is no ZoneAlarm running.

            Nyways, the problem is only with IE and not with Firefox. So I guess, its just the IE updates or security settings with IE and Flash Player that may be causing the Problem. But as flash player is running fine in Firefox, so the issue might be with IE only.

            Nyways, looking for some more inputs.

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              You might want to try reinstalling Flash Player for IE. IE uses something like an activex player and firefox uses a plugin so they're two different players.
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                parm_jit Level 1
                The sound plays fine in IE , when i installed Flash Player 9 Active X. I have tested by installing and uninstalling Flash Players 7,8,9 (Beta version). The sound plays fine only when you have Flash Player 9.

                I just want to know whats the IE issue with Flash Player 7, 8 thats been fixed in Flash Player 9. I guess someone can throw some light on this problem.

                Thankx .................Parm