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    Weird muted colors issue




      I use dell xps 15 9560/ windows 10  - lightroom CC and photoshop CC.

      I have a very strange problem.

      It's difficult to explain but here it goes:


      I export my photos from lightroom on my computer with sRGB color profile. On my computer they look OK.

      To share them on instagram I add the exported photos to target collection to sync with with lightroom mobile on my iphone 6s plus.


      when they are synced the colors change and get muted. When I share on instagram if someone sees the photo on iphone it looks muted, if viewed on android it looks good as it's supposed to be.


      Same thing happens if I upload the photos regardless from computer or phone to 500px or Eyeem.


      What the hell am I doing wrong? I already export Raw photos in sRGB and then share/sync/upload.. still muted colors.


      If anyone has any idea please help!!!

      Thanks in advance.