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    Mix Paste Without Confirmation

    qwerwqer Level 1

      I'd like to request a key-shortcut to apply mix-paste with previous settings, so that you aren't always asked to reconfirm -

      Apart from being useful in standard audio cleanup, I have an ulterior motive to go along with it -


      I've developed an extension for Audition CC which allows you to do punch and roll recording (something that is requested really, really often) with crossblending of the record, re-punch, metronome, and adjustable prerolls. It's really slick!

      However, there is one shaky part - to handle the blend of the newly recorded audio, I do an automated mix-paste with



      . Most of the time, if I inject a


      right afterward, I luck out, and it'll confirm the dialog and all is well.

      Sometimes, however, for some timing related reasons that presumably have to do with script execution over time, it doesn't work.

      The mix paste dialog is modal and doesn't allow commands to be invoked - so I can only sneak them in if I basically fire both events off simultaneously.

      But it's just not reliable over the long haul.

      This would be a non-issue if I could perform a mixpaste without confirmation though-

      Howsabout it?

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          qwerwqer Level 1



          Here's a video of that Punch & Roll Extension in action.

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            Charles VW Adobe Employee

            Great video! Seriously.


            I will say that Punch and Roll is a top request with some higher-profile customers we've been working with and I've noticed other customers coming up with solutions (e.g. http://bloomsbury.digital/hands-free-punch-roll-adobe-audition-mac/).


            The good news is that we have a scripting hook for Mix Paste. We use it internally for our automated testing. The bad news is that it is explicitly excluded from the public DOM at this point. It would be a method you could call on a wavedocument object.  We won't be able to turn it on until our next update but private message me and we can talk about next steps forward.


            Regarding sending raw keyboard commands to the app, that's a little limited due to security concerns, but if your CEP Extension isn't getting keyboard events, I would consider that a bug, so let's get that logged and we can look into that. Have you worked with CEP Extensions in other Adobe applications where this is working? It may be the case that we have it working on one platform, but not the other. I've seen those sorts of issues with mouse events before. Also, does the keyboard handling work on the CEP HTML Test extension? https://github.com/Adobe-CEP/Samples

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              qwerwqer Level 1

              Yep - I've used those other PNR solutions, which are usually based around hotkey injection. Unfortunately they can't do crossblends and the timing for the punch tends to be imprecise - and being able to automatically execute re-takes is also not possible. Basically they're a bit fragile and still leave audio artifacts at the punchin location, which was the main reason for putting this together (along with proper metronome and retake functionality)


              So, I'm not sending raw key commands - I'm actually relying exclusively on

              which is exposed for CEP extensions. However, the MixPaste dialog 'blocks' invocation of that command, hence my weird little timing dance. So I'm not asking to break any security measures - just to either be able to invoke that command while mixpaste dialogs are up, or to automate confirmation of mixpaste in some other way.


              I'll PM you about that scripting hook, and thank you!