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    Samba Shares and Unix

      I am working with a client who is running windows XP on user machines. They are using Samba shares on a Unix server. We are getting all sorts of permission errors, connection keys aren't working...its awful. Especially since I recommended using Contribute because it was so easy.
      If any one has any tips to share as to what we should be checking on the servers (folders/permissions) that would be very helpful. I'm going to have them check the _mm, _baks and _notes files.
      Thank you
      Eleonora M.
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          make sure that users trying to connect to the website have 644 permissions on:

          - root of the website
          - _notes folder
          -_baks folder
          -_mm folder

          and that the root of the website is not set to "Read-Only"

          Connection keys created using mapped network drives would usually fail since they are not defined on the other machines trying to make use of the connection key.. make use of UNC path instead (e.g. \\[serverName]\sharedFolderName).. Refer to this tech note for more info: http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_16690