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    Can't get the mouse-over mouse-out prewritten codes to work

    Zivro Level 1

      Hey, I'm struggling with animate, I'm usually a frame by frame animator but I have to do a UI.


      I've created a skitz just to test out how the events work, and I'm already having trouble at step one.

      there's a graphical layout and on top of it I've created an invisible button with a hit box, I used this

      code to handle the event:





      /* Mouse Over Event

      Mousing over the symbol instance executes a function in which you can add your own custom code.




      1. Add your custom code on a new line after the line that says "// Start your custom code" below.

      The code will execute when the symbol instance is moused over.

      frequency is the number of the times event should be triggered.


      var frequency = 3;


      this.button_1.addEventListener("mouseover", fl_MouseOverHandler_3);



      function fl_MouseOverHandler_3()


        // Start your custom code

        // This example code displays the words "Moused over" in the Output panel.


        // End your custom code


      for the mouse over, I don't know why animate says 'this.button_1' since the button I checked while using the code snippet is called 'sirtonim', I tried changing that but when I do, the event doesn't even stop at this frame. (I have another action handling the frame with this.stop();)


      I can't get to the mouseout event to test it out, maybe it works maybe it doesn't.


      thanks ahead!