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    Question: QRCodes in Multiscreen HTML5 output

    wrinklypeter2 Level 1

      A bit 'off the wall' this! .... but can anyone suggest a suitable way where I can scan a QRCode from within a project (Multiscreen HTML5 output) using a mobile phone and use the returned information from the QR code to directly open a topic in the project? I want to use a QR code as a type of password to a new section of the project.

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Never used QR codes before, but my understanding is that you define them with a URL to the website you want to launch – assuming your content is hosted someplace relatively static (& known) then you should be able to define the direct URL to that desired topic, build the QR code and stick it in your project.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi there


            Can you clarify a bit? Where will these QR codes be presented? In a book? On another web page?


            My thought here is that in order to "scan" a QR code, the phone must take a picture of it while using a QR code scanning app, no? And if that's the case, I'm not sure exactly how a phone would be able to "scan" something on its own display screen. Or are you suggesting a possible way to have one person display a QR code on their phone and have person 2 scan it to visit the "hidden" or "secret" information?


            Sounds kind of "Spy VS Spy" to me.


            Cheers... Rick

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I was just re-reading this post and for some reason I spaced off the fact you are using Multiscreen.


              ick Ick ICK!


              Why? Responsive is so much cleaner.


              Cheers... Rick

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                wrinklypeter2 Level 1

                Thanks for your input. Firstly, Responsive or Multi-Screen - either could be used.

                To clarify what I'm trying to achieve is to allow the user to use their phone/tablet (on which the finished Robo project will reside) and from within the Robo project, I would like the user to be able to scan one (or more) QR codes at different times - each QR code taking the user to a separate topic within the project.

                The created QR Codes providing the links would be sited at different locations - completely away and independent from the Robo project.

                Similar to ( although not the same as) scanning a QR code using a QR Code scanner app and being directed to a url - but in my desired instance, the user is redirected to another topic within the project. - without leaving the project in the first instance.

                In theory, the user could leave the project, scan the code and re-enter the project at the required topic, but I'm looking to find a way for the User to scan the QR Code and be redirected to the new topic without the user exiting the robo project. Ideally, a way to be able to add a QR scanner facility, in a similar way as adding a multimedia facility, to the project would be perfect .

                In essence, the QR Codes would act in a similar way to a password - only allowing access to those topics once the code has been scanned.

                Any ideas would be appreciated!