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    element 3d has encountered an unrecoverable error (AE cc2017)


      when i'm using element 3d, as soon as i enable the ray-traced options, it'll show me a pop up error that says : element 3d has encountered an unrecoverable error ...

      i'm using AE cc 2017 latest version

      Element 3D.

      and this is my laptop specs :

      core i7 3GHz - 4500u

      nvidia GT 840m 4gb - intel hd 4400 ( ae is supporting my nvidia gpu cause in gpu info it shows both open GL and cuda informations )


      8GB ram

      windows 10 64bit latest version - 1TB HDD


      all of my drivers are updated to the latest version.

      btw i reinstalled element 3d + hotfix patch but didn't solve the problem.

      and a couple of minutes ago i enabled AO ray traced again and it didn't show me that error but it ruined some 3d stuff and when i switched to ssao fixed the stuff, and then again i switched to ray and then ruined stuff.

      so, how can i fix this error ?