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    camera raw presets in photoshop look different. why?

    teddym97753022 Level 1

      Maybe this has been asked a thousand times before, but I don't see any answer about this issue.
      Imagine the following workflow:
      1. Open a Raw-picture in Camera Raw (CR).
      2. Create a look (changing exposure, white balance, gradation, contrast, saturation, etc.) and save this as a Camera Raw Preset.
      3. Open the Raw-Picture (without this look) with no(!) changes made and import it into PS.
      4. Retouch the picture.
      5. Open the Camera Raw-Filter in PS and open the created preset under bullet 2.


      Now, this looks totally different than the original preset created in CR. Why?
      Any idea?
      It seems, the presets only look the same (or close), when the white balance is set in both ways on "as shot".
      But what if setting a different white balance (custom) is part of the created look?
      I understand that changing the white balance in Camera-Raw-Editor is scaled in Kelvin and in PS it is scaled from -100 to +100.
      But the scale is not the problem. The problem is, that the adjustments for white balance and tint react totally different as if it was a different tool.


      And now you may ask, why do I create the colour look first in Camera Raw and then retouch the picture in PS without this look?
      Well, sometimes I need 2 or more different color looks from one picture, so of course I retouch it first without the look and then put the preset with Camera-Raw-Filter on top.


      Thanks and Cheers,