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    YouTube and Adobe Premier Elements 14 Not Talking Anymore

    David Tait

      I created a video clip using premier elements 14 and then uploaded the video to youtube using the export and share feature. This was a 10 minute video and easily fit in youtube's 15 minute length limit.(youtube has a standard limit of 15 mins unless you apply for uploading longer videos). Video posted just fine.  I had some longer videos, so I went back into my youtube account and got the standard limit increased. However, when I attempted to use premier elements to export and share a longer video, I got an error message that says: "The video duration exceeds the maximum duration supported by the destination. Please reduce the duration of the video and try again." I'm guessing that when elements got authorization from youtube to post my initial video, it also locked me in to the initial 15 minute length restriction (which, as I say, has since been lifted). Anybody have an idea on how I can fix this? Thanks.

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          The direct connection has too many variables from actual internet connection to "handshaking" between YouTube and software.   Changes at YouTube cannot be predicted or managed by Adobe.  The better procedure is to output a finished video that you can review, then upload it to YouTube using YouTube tools.  You can say it adds a step, but overall, it will safe time and frustration.