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    Lightroom Upload to Blurb Fails after 8+ hours


      I am trying to upload a Blurb book project and it will neither upload nor will it make a PDF. I see no indication that it gets hung up on a particular page, nor do I think it has anything to do with fonts as I've read in other posts both on Adobe and Blurb forums. I will start upload in evening, and the next morning the progress bar STILL only says about 50% and I get an LR dialog box that says that the connection to server failed, or service error or something like that (I failed to screenshot the dialog box, but that takes all night to get to it). I've put in a request for support on the Blurb site, since the server problem indicated seems to suggest that the problem lies with Blurb. However, the Blurb troubleshooting instructions say to check to see if a PDF can be created, and, if not, to contact Adobe. So that is what I am doing. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated - this is truly frustrating! Thank you.