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    External Preloading issues!

    MrIzzard Level 1
      Hiya there

      I've tried hunting through other forum posts, tutorials and being abused by bitter Middle Eastern 'web helpers' in chatrooms - and still no joy... maybe you know the answer! My level of knowledge with Flash is fairly good, but limited when it comes to PreLoaders.


      Well i've built quite a weighty SWF that has buttons that play audio, and it's to be embedded in a web page. I need a preloader for it, but from investigation i've found out that it'd need to be an external one as the main SWF is so big. I'd ideally like it to be a simple one using the Flash components (oh, i'm using Flash 8 - and my end users will hopefully need Flash player 6 to use).

      I thought i'd solved it as the test movie and publish work a treat, but when it's in the real web page, the bar doesn't move, then the main movie eventually loads anyway, and both graphics are displayed together!

      You can see what happens at the moment with this link - you're looking for the blue box just on the left hand side, just under "VOICES"


      Now, either 1 of 2 things would have happened - and this is where the confusion arises!

      ONE -
      The above issue (bar doesn't movie, then movie loads and you see it all at once).

      TWO -
      It works fine! I see it not working at my home PC, but works fine at work! Is this to do with the IE update with the ActiveX controls ho harr? At home i'm running the latest IE update, but i don't think work are - they're on Ver. 6.0.2600

      To get around the IE update issue of that grey box appearing around the Flash movie, i'ved added the following script into the web page...

      <SCRIPT src=" http://keepholding.com/ieupdate.js"

      Then the "ieupdate.js" file is on my server.

      But one thing i noticed when the page seemed to operate properly on my work pc, is that even though the 2 boxes of buttons (the "VOICES" on the left and "MUSIC" on the right) are roughly the same file size, the MUSIC set (with no preloader yet) actually loads much quicker, and the VOICES seems to take much longer now!!

      So, my questions...

      1) What happens when YOU clck on the link? And do you have any idea why there may be a difference in what the user experiences?

      2) In the case where the preloader DOES work, is there anything that can be done to quicken up the loading?

      3) In the case where the preloader DOESN'T work, what could be done to fix that? Is it something you've come across before?

      I know i've rambled on a lot here, but i wanted to give you as much info as possible first. If you need anything else to help you better understand the issue - like the action script i've used in the preloader etc, please let me know.

      Thank you for any help in advance